Stepping into the past through visualization: Exploring America’s Forgotten War

Our history visualization team is on the ground in France.

This project has been made possible with generous support from an ICAT SEAD grant.

Our team from TLOS, the School of Education, Department of History, School of Visual Arts, Mining an Minerals Engineering, together with our partners at Arkemine and the Friends of Vauquois Association have begun our comprehensive survey of the Butte de Vauquois, near Verdun, France.


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The Cube now has another amazing new feature: the Cyclorama!  We finished installing it last week.  The Cyclorama is a massive cylindrical projection screen for immersive experiences.  At roughly 40′ in diameter and 16′ tall, it can accommodate a maximum of 60 people and allows the projection to fill your entire field of vision from any where you stand.  Check out this timelapse video of the construction, which took almost 4 days:

A huge thanks goes to the Moss Arts Center production crew, who did all the hard work of actually building the thing!

It is operational and we’re starting to get the hang of how to use it.  We’ve had to readjust the motion capture camera arrangement so that we can capture both inside and outside.  I’ll put up some more posts in the coming days with details about the new motion capture setup, how to use it, etc.