Motion Capture Streaming Receiver

I just finished integrating the Unity interfaces for our two motion capture systems!  Now all you have to do is add the prefab to your project and set the drop down to which system you want to use!


In our primary facility, the Cube, we use a Qualisys motion capture system.  Qualisys Track Manager streams (over UDP, in other words over WiFi) rigid body position and rotation data to clients, which control virtual reality headsets and what not.  The clients that I take care of run Unity.  When I started working here, we had an interface script which received this data and allowed the Unity user to plug in which game object should be moved based on this data.  It worked great, it was a well written script.

Then, over in the Perform studio, which is our “mini-Cube” prototyping space, we have an OptiTrack motion capture system.  OptiTrack advertises its NatNet SDK, which is a middle man that receives the OptiTrack data, then reformats it in order to send out to multiple other clients.  It increases latency and means that an extra program needs to run (the NatNet SDK).

Piggy-backing on the work of another OptiTrack user, I wrote a script that receives the data directly from the OptiTrack stream.  I then wrote a wrapper that instantiates both the Qualisys Track Manager interface as well as the OptiTrack Motive Body interface, and provides a handy context-sensitive interface for setting the parameters for each of the systems.

I had to learn to create a custom object inspector using the UnityEditor library.  I didn’t do anything too fancy, but it was fun to learn!

Author: Zach Duer

Zach Duer is the Immersive Environment Specialist at the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) at Virginia Tech. He facilitates faculty and student projects in ICAT facilities by developing interfaces and generating content. He is also an educator, artist, musician, and performer.

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