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ICAT Drive is a central repository for all things ICAT.  Manuals, assets, useful code, etc.  The above link is open to anyone.  Most of the documents and assets in that folder are open to the public.  There are a few things, like the passwords document, that require special permissions which you can acquire by contacting ICAT.

We would really like the ICAT Drive to be an important resource for all projects that use the ICAT facilities.  The guides, APIs, and assets within should allow both faculty and students to jump start their projects without having to start from square one.

So far, I have published a series of manuals on how to use the motion capture systems in the Cube and the Perform Studio, and how to interface those motion capture systems with Unity.  That comes with the necessary assets I created to enable the interface.  There is also a guide on how to import point clouds into Unity (along with another unitypackage with scripts to enable this utility).  And holding it all together is a guide with an example project that shows how to put all the other guides together.  The guides are organized modularly, making it easy to refer to and edit any given operation.

There are also assets.  Right now there is a model of the Cube and some neutral character models for use in any project.  This will be greatly expanded on over the next few months.

Author: Zach Duer

Zach Duer is the Immersive Environment Specialist at the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) at Virginia Tech. He facilitates faculty and student projects in ICAT facilities by developing interfaces and generating content. He is also an educator, artist, musician, and performer.

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