Belle II particle physics simulation update

We have some exciting updates from the particle physics simulation we’ve been working on for the past month!

First, we now have Unity scripts that read the particle data from a CSV file, sort it correctly, and use it to spawn and move particles.  It’s a very important first step – in fact, a lot of everything from this point on is frills.  Although there’s lots of frills.  But this is the *meat* of the project – taking particle data and visualizing it.  There’s a (slightly confusing to watch, but proof of product) video below:

ALSO, Jesse Barber (Physics sophomore) and Kaelum Hasler (high school student worker) have been working with me to get the VRML model of the Belle II organized.  We had to combine a lot of objects in order to get the object count down to something manageable (it was at something like 300k to begin with), but we also had to CUT a lot of the cylinders into four parts, in order to solve a transparency depth-sorting issue in Unity.  They spent almost all of last week working on that, and we now have a model in Unity!  This model is still incomplete because the VRML export that we’re working with doesn’t quite have the full model, but we’re almost there, and we can really see what it’s going to look like now when it’s all done!  See below for another video of that.

Author: Zach Duer

Zach Duer is the Immersive Environment Specialist at the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) at Virginia Tech. He facilitates faculty and student projects in ICAT facilities by developing interfaces and generating content. He is also an educator, artist, musician, and performer.

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