Roanoke science museum planetarium

Yesterday, we paid our second visit to the Science Museum of Western Virginia’s museum planetarium facility in Roanoke.  We (ICAT, Advanced Research Computing, Architecture, Music) are working with museum staff and community volunteers to build a vision for the future use of the amazing space, which is currently under used because of outdated technology.

On this visit, in addition to our minds and some measuring tapes, we brought four projectors (from ARC’s old VisCube setup), a computer, and a Max patch which I rigged up the day before to test stitching and blending a single video across all four projectors.  It worked great!  There are still some issues to be worked out in terms of perfecting the blending and getting 4k video going smoothly, but the four projectors were able to cover almost the entire screen!  Here’s an idea of what it looked like (an image doesn’t really do it justice because the projection is so big, the camera lens can’t capture it all).  With chickens.  Don’t ask.

Better with chicken.
Better with chicken.

Author: Zach Duer

Zach Duer is the Immersive Environment Specialist at the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) at Virginia Tech. He facilitates faculty and student projects in ICAT facilities by developing interfaces and generating content. He is also an educator, artist, musician, and performer.

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